Sunday, 31 March 2013

March - My Favourite Things

Hi Goddesses

Hola and welcome to the March round up!

March has been a GREAT month and a frustrating month here in Crumpetland.  It's the happiest I've been with my blog content in the longest time .... yet my views are down.    I've had the most ideas, and the most polishes to review ... and yet been ill most of the month.   Lol, gotta love irony :)

Structurally and thematically, I think I'm getting there :)   I've got 3 separate challenges running each month, 2 of which allow me to be very fast and loose with what I want to do - just experiment.  The other is the Digit-al Dozen, which is way harder lol, but really pushes me every month.

I've had a fab time this long Easter weekend clearing out the vault.  I feel for the first time in 6 months I am in control of what is in there lol.  I've even deleted stuff that was just so so.   Yup, deleted, dead, gone!  Dramatic haha. I've also got some great changes coming up soon - they're probably going to hit you in May as I need a bit of time to prep them, but I think it's going to make for a much better blog :)

Let's get to the details shall we?

 Favourite Polish of the Month - If It Pleases You by Literary Lacquers.

I am sure by now that you are all fed up of me talking about this polish, but WOW, will you LOOK at it!  Ugh, just gorgeous.  A dark browny purple holographic bruise.   I love this soooooo much.   In fact, the entire Literary Lacquers The Good Parts collection has been so much win - glorious, just glorious.

Highlights of the Month

Do you like my new blog header?  I LOVE my new blog header.  It was created by my polish bestie, Missy from Gnarly Gnails and I love it rock hard !!  Thanks so much Missy.

The main awesome sauce of course is that this month I became a half a millionaire!  Yup, this little blog hit 500,000 page views.  Amazing.  We're also REALLY close to 2,000 followers.   Both of them are milestones that help me feel I have a successful blog .... not that that stops me having days when I want to give up (see later!).

My favourite nail art of the month was my opening mani for the Tri Polish Challenge.  I just loved this - the clash of the colours, the simplicity, everything about it worked.

Bummer of the Month

Ah that cat makes me laugh.  EVERY month.  Yes, so bummer .. well, I've been happier than ever with my posts .. and yet they are getting fewer and fewer views, which makes me sad.   It's always sad when you love a mani sooooo much, and then it hardly gets any views!

What makes me sadder is that it's the nail art posts getting the least views, and yet nail art is so integral to this blog.  Maybe there's just too much out there blogwise and too many ways to read?   Maybe if you've liked the photo on Instagram, you're not going to come and read the post.  At least, I hope that's the reason.

Music of the Month

Ok, this is really really sad, but there has been no music in my life this month.  Nothing.  I am not happy with that.

TV of The Month

Quite a lot going on here !  Netflix is still top of the list, and Beth has been loving sitting in the nail room watching Doctor Who.  She jumped SO hard when she watched Blink - hilarious!

In the UK, Dexter started Season 7 - I have to say, I'm really not feeling it yet, but this is also the first Season I've watched week to week, rather in one greedy DVD chunk.

It's also been all about The Following ... WOW.  Pure TV awesomeness.  If you're not already watching it, I suggest you do.  Top writing, acting and ... ooooh plot twists!

Stats of the Month

Total page views - 43k, down from 48k the month before and 55k the month before that.  As I said, I feel I am getting less views but ALSO I think the spamming has stopped.  I used to get spammers viewing posts and trying to comment (you could always tell because it would be an old obscure post that suddenly started getting hits), but a recent Windows update seems to have "fixed" them .. so who knows, maybe 10% or 20% of my page views used to be spammers!

Number of Posts - that will probably end on about 60.   I blame Literary Lacquers lol - they were supposed to all fit in 2 posts, but they were so gorgeous they ended up having a post each :)

Highest Viewed Post - The Giveaway - 1133
Highest Viewed Post - Swatch - OPI My Vampire Is Buff - 387
Highest Viewed Post - Art - Stripe Week - vertical orange stripes featuring OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours - 251

So, there you go.  I hope you've enjoyed reading The Crumpet this month.  Thank you to everyone who left ideas, suggestions, feedback and comments on the Giveaway, I'm reading through them now and I think we want the same thing :)

Right, now to try and topple over that 2k mark :)  That's MY magic number :)

Love xx
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