Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OPI - My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours

Hi Goddesses

One of the colours I have really grown to love over the last year is orange.  It has the power to make me smile even when I'm down.

I'm also really drawn to polishes that are half-red, half-orange, and when I saw Paprika, decided she would be ideal.

Sadly, we have not fallen in love, and I'm still not entirely sure I know why.  She's beautifully creamy, and applies with the OPI perfection you would expect.  However, on me, she completely lacked the redder tones I was expecting, and I feel I ended up with another overly loud, overly bright orange.

Don't get me wrong, she's still lovely, she's just not MY kind of lovely.

So instead, I stamped on her with DRK-C - doesn't she look great behind that black design ?

There's something about the combination that really works, and I love that from a distance it looks like I am wearing Spotted!

Enjoy xx :)
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