Monday, 25 March 2013

Review - OPI Suzi's Hungary Again and Leopard Print Nail Art

Hi Goddesses

How are you today?  I'm actually excited this Monday because it is a 4 day week in the UK AND because I got sent some OPI polishes for review!  It's one of those moments that means the world to me, so let me show you what I've got.

I chose 3 polishes, and because I wanted to nail art with them, I chose 3 polishes that would work together.  Having already bought a few of the Euro Centrale Collection, I settled on Suzi's Hungary Again, Vant To Bite My Neck and another bottle of My Vampire Is Buff, as I've been using my bottle like it's going out of fashion!

I have a whole week coming up based on these 3 polishes.  You'll get swatches of Suzi today, VTBMN later in the week, and Buff you've already seen - HERE.   I've also got nail art every single day.  Here we go!

I started with Suzi's Hungary Again because the weather has been GRIM in the UK, and some sugary pink happiness seemed in order.  Suzi is a warm pink, with coral aspirations - she's definitely pink, but as you can see in a couple of the shots, in some lights she takes on other hues.

For me, she's a "cheesy pink" - she reminds me of strawberry shortcake, with her creamy base and warm based-tones.

She's also indescribably girly and super sugary.  This is a perfect summer polish, but personally, I would have liked her to look a little colder.

As you can see, perfect coverage and application, super glossy - doesn't she look fab.  This was 3 coats plus 1 of Poshe.   I'm starting to use 3 coats a lot as my lighting set-up is expert at sniffing out any hint of VNL. In real life, 2 coats would be fine.

For the nail art, I turned to leopard print.  There's something quite perfect about how these 3 polishes work together in this pattern.

I used 2 dotting tools for this - a medium one for the Buff centres, and a thin one for the VTBMN edging.

Fierce yet girlie :)  

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy :) xx
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