Sunday, 17 March 2013

SPAM Post - Blue Polishes

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to another installment of "Let's try and clear out the vault" lol.  Today we have blue polishes in all shapes and sizes :)

Let's start with a-England Order of the Garter.  I love this polish.  It's so serene.  This was probably the first blue I "really" fell in love with.

It's lain in the vault because I originally posted it with a layer of Cult Nails Seduction on top, and just never got round to posting it pure.  

HITS Apolo was my alternative to OPI DS Glamour.  In the absence of the latter, I settled on this rich and deep blue.

Luckily, I then got Glamour in a swap, so this one is now a bit redundant, but it's a useful back up for art.

Accessorize Indigo.  Such sadness.  This has lain in the vault since May. Accessorize is a quirky British brand which you'll start to see a lot more of on the blog.

I bought this polish as it looked like THE perfect turquoise (one of my polish Holy Grails) and it was.  Gorgeous, perfect, ooh la la .... but it stained like NOTHING I have encountered before or since.  So sadly, it had to go.   And WTH is it called Indigo lol?

It's layered here with Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd ... I let this polish go with a heavy heart after last summer's madness, but there is no denying how exquisite it is.

China Glaze Want My Bawdy.  I was SOOOO disappointed with the New Bohemians Collection.  For me, there was hardly any bend to the colours, although this one was perhaps the most interesting for me.

OPI Glacier Bay Blues.  I bought this from a blog sale as it's a HTF OPI Classic.  Yeh, that doesn't mean that a) you'll like it or b) it will suit you.  Lol.

That said, this is a stunning polish, and the bend from blue to green is incredible.  It's like a blue version of Peacock Feathers.  Vintage OPI.  Amazing.

Girly Bits Cu Blu.   A deep dark indgo jelly loaded with copper sprinkles, this is truly lovely, but a little too dark for my skin tone.

I let this one go with a heavy heart too - it's really beautiful.  I also really regret swapping away Barielle's Falling Star.

Saturday Morning Cartoons from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  I love Pam's mad glitterbombs, they're always so cheerful, but this one did nothing for me.  Again, I think the base was too dark, so this one moved on to a more loving home.

There we go - which one was your favourite?

Enjoy xx 
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