Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tri Polish Challenge Day 3 - Balls of Wool

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Day 3 of the Tri Polish Challenge.  Today, I'm using all 3 polishes again - all OPI - Thanks A Windmillion (green), Call Me Gwen-ever (coral) and Vant To Bite My Neck (purple).

I don't think I ever really knew where I was going with this mani, but I love it lol.  Even once it was done, I was looking at my nails wondering if I'd made a holy hot mess, but I really like the finished result.

This is a mixture of a splodgerama and a stamping mani.  A splodgerama, if you remember, is sponging colours onto your nails in random places to create a random effect.   To make the colours POP I sponged over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

The stamp is a Konad lovely that I have meant to use for MONTHS and never got round to lol.  It reminds me of a ball of wool, how the lines intersect.  This is Konad m56.

So what about you?   Have you ever had a mani you couldnt' decide if you loved or hated?

Enjoy xx :)

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