Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Work Wear Wednesday - OPI My Vampire Is Buff Comparison Post

Hi Goddesses

Today's Work Wear Wednesday is a reader request, and also sparked by another reader's comment.

When I posted OPI My Vampire Is Buff and declared it my perfect cream, someone pointed out that Barry M Lychee was similar.  I was sure it was more beige, because I remember dismissing it a few weeks ago :)   

Someone else then asked how Lychee compared to OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, so there was nothing else to do but line them all up and find out :)

In all the photos, DPMB is on the ring finger, Lychee is on the middle, and MVIB is on all the others.

The initial obvious observation is how much darker DPMB is.  It has much browner undertones, and is positively biscuit-y compared to the 2 other polishes.

MVIB and Lychee ARE similar, but if you look closer, MVIB is definitely lighter, and by quite a few degrees.  MVIB is a true cream, whereas Lychee, although creamy, has a touch of beige to it.   Admittedly it's not much, but for me (and remember I was searching for the "perfect" cream), it was noticeable.

Which one works best for you may well depend on your skin tone.  As I'm super pale, it's MVIB that I'll be using most.  

Enjoy xx :)

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