Sunday, 10 March 2013

Zoya PixieDust - LONDON

Hi Goddesses

Better late than never, here is the final PixieDust polish I purchased, London.

The reason it's last is simple - it's nice, but it's not "grab me, bend me and give me a movie star kiss" nice.  If you know what I mean :)

Don't get me wrong, it's still lovely, still sprinkled with that amazing PixieDust, and still matte perfection ..... but it's not Nyx or Vespa.   Maybe I should have worn these polishes in reverse order - maybe I ruined it for myself by wearing Vespa first!

Unlike the other colours, I can't see me ever wanting to wear this on its own.  It's perfectly named - all Victorian smoke and smog .... but I'd rather have the rest of the Mary Poppins colours they're promising for Summer.

Enjoy xx :)
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