Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fingerprints or Stamping ? with Layla, Essie and MJ6

Hi Goddesses

Depending how you view this blog, you may have noticed a panel that has appeared at the right hand side, near the Archive, called Crumpet Recommends.  These are 6 brands that I love, adore and support, and each logo takes you directly to where you can purchase these products.

Today I have a mani featuring 2 of my Recommended Brands - Sally Magpies, who stocks all sorts of polish in the UK, including Layla - and My Online Shop which creates THE most amazing stamping plates in the galactic empires :)

The base for this mani is Layla Ceramic Effect CE66 which is just a beautiful soft medium blue.  Quite denim-y.  Really nice.

I then stamped over it using Essie Blue Rhapsody - stamps AWESOMELY - and this stunning pattern from MJ6.

Technically, I think the pattern is just a spiral type squiggle, but I couldn't help thinking of fingerprints.

This is just one of those rare manis where everything works, as if the cosmic forces have Made It So.  The base and the stamp work deliciously well together, and the Essie is just the best stamping polish I've ever used - look how CRISP it is.

So, if you want to buy these lovelies for yourself, head over to the right hand side and treat yourself :)

Enjoy xx :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

piCture pOlish Monday - Dorothy

Hi Goddesses

As you may have gathered, piCture pOlish is a brand I adore, and one I own quite a lot of.  It's not very often it lets me down or disappoints me, but today is one of those sad days.

Dorothy is another collaboration shade from last year.  It's a pinky-red metallic, and it's always beguiled me, looking lush on everyone I've seen it on.

Except me.   I don't know what it is, I just don't like this on me.  I'm not sure if it's because I feel it doesn't commit to being one colour, trying to pivot on the raspberry axis, but never quite nailing any one aspect of it.

I also like my reds deep and intense, so maybe that's the issue.

So, usual piCture pOlish quality and loveliness, but not for me :(

Hopefully, you'll still enjoy xx :)

Tiger Tiger! with Barry M Confetti - Liquorice

Hi Goddesses

At the weekend, I showed you swatches of 3 of the 5 Barry M Confetti polishes.  In there, was one nail which I had dressed up as a tiger, and I liked it so that I just had to do a whole mani.

As before, this has a base of Barry M Block Orange, and then using the brush inside the bottle, I carefully swiped some tiger stripes.

Because the Confettis are dense, you can do things like this with them.  A lot of other glitters are too sparse or too large, making patterning difficult, but you can stripe away with these ones :)

The Confetti post, by the way, is the least popular Barry M post I have ever done - maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't like hairy glitter?

Oh well, hair on a hairy tiger, where it belongs, that's ok :)

Enjoy xx :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review - Loki's Lacquer

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, before things got totally chaotic over here, I received an email out of the blue, asking me if I wanted to review some polishes.  The lady was called Tara and her brand is Loki's Lacquers.

I'd never heard of the brand before, but a couple of things swayed me - she's from Oz, and sooooo many cool polishes are coming out of Oz; her polishes had really FUNNY names (more later); and she named her brand after her pussycat (yes, we had a LONG chat about that).   So here we are.

HYPNOTOAD is a shimmery soup of glitter, suspended in a cobwebby base.   I've layered it over Smitten Polish Huckleberry Gumdrop.

The shimmery quality of the base is quite thick, and I do think this limits your undie choices slightly.  I do like a glitter to have shimmer though - it feels like an added secret.

I'M TOO RICH TO BE KIDNAPPED is a pink glitter soup.  I desperately didn't want to layer it over pink, so chose piCture pOlish Attitude.

I think the base was too dark, however, as happy accidents do, it highlighted loads of qualities in the glitter I hadn't noticed until then - look at all that sparkle dust.

NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE - gah, purple holo.   Now, I own ahem a few, but this still took my breath away.  I think it's the subtle violet tones.  It's also very delicate and fluffy, and it made me coo :)

To me, this is pure galaxy dust.  I expected to be underwhelmed, but actually, I was really really taken with this one.  Pppprrrrrrrrrr :)

PEOPLE SAID I WAS DUMB BUT I PROVED THEM is possibly my favourite.  This is a bright orange and white glitter, full of varying shapes and sizes.

I layered this over China Glaze Purple Panic (which is actually pink), and I couldn't get enough of this hothouse combo.  True love.

THE GOLDEN TURD is a golden and jewel toned glitter bomb, again with a healthy dose of shimmer.  I preferred the formula of this to Hypnotoad.

I particularly loved the diamond shaped glitters.  They were a little difficult to get out of the bottle as larger glitters tend to sink.  I layered this over piCture pOlish Vegas.

V is a super red jelly shimmer.   I like my red to have depth, so I layered this over Barry M Blood Orange.

This is beautiful - oodles of shimmer, purple shreds and some black dots.  Ah, happiness.

And finally, WHITE CHOCOLATE SMARTIES.   I'm not going to lie, I don't like these white polishes with fun glitter - but only cos they don't like me or my skin tone.

This one was full of bright popping colours and a little bit of shimmer sauce.  I layered it over 1 coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for extra opacity.

Overall, I really liked these polishes, and there wasn't a single one that I couldn't wait to get off my fingers.  The quality was certainly up to par with most of the other indies I own.  My favourites were V, Number 5 Is Alive and People Said I Was Dumb But I Proved Them.

Whilst some of these polishes have been done before (or, like Smarties, to death, it seems), all of these polishes are colourful, well made, deliciously quirky and of good quality.  Tara also has some excellent new lovelies on the way.

You can visit Loki's Lacquers Facebook page HERE.  It will take you to her shop, explain all the crazy cultural references behind the polish names AND link you to the auction Tara is running for Autism Awareness.  Loads of polish makers have donated one-off blue polishes, and it's all for a great cause so please, please, PLEASE check it out.

Enjoy xx :)
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