Monday, 22 April 2013

Awesome Barry M News aaaaaaand Awesome piCture pOlish News !!!!

Hi Goddesses

An awesome day today in PolishLand with 2 of my very favourite brands releasing exciting new goodies!

Firstly, piCture pOlish brightened my breakfast this morning with the release of their new blogger collaboration shades AND something special.   Not only have they released a Matte Top Coat and a glitter called Blogger .... they have released a base coat especially for glitters!

I am reliably informed that you wear it like a normal base coat, and then when you remove your polish with your normal remover, the glitter just comes off, like a normal polish would.  MIRACLE !!  All of the polishes will be stocked in the UK by my good friend Sally Magpies.  You can visit her store here or follow her on Facebook HERE - she's only 3 away from 500 followers!!

And then ...... I get home to an email from Barry and his M - 3 new glitters on the way, called Sequins.

I'm intrigued to see what these are like in person.  From the  photos they look like a lot of other polishes we've seen before, but photos can be deceiving .....

Wow - exciting times.  Now if only I had an unlimited income ..... what are your eyes on ?

Enjoy xx
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