Wednesday, 17 April 2013

CROWS TOES - Absolum Your Potions Master

Hi Goddesses

Ccccrrrreeeaaakkkkk it's time to open the vault again lol.  It's criminal this beauty has sat in there so long, I don't even know how he got left behind :(

Absolum is an absolutely delirious glitterbomb, emphasis on the crazy.   The one thing I love the most about Crows Toes is how she overdoes everything - it's all turned up to 11, just like me :)

This is delicious.  Dazzling and obnoxious, this is a kaleidoscope of silver, gold, green, blue, red - it's all here!

A shout out for the base polish - KIKO 336.  This is an amazingly brash blue that is a total dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street, but with a better formula and shine.  Just sayin' :)

Enjoy xx :)
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