Friday, 12 April 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Animal Week - Purple Leopard, Then ..... and NOW

Hi Goddesses

So, this week, you've mostly been seeing 9 month old manis on Digit-al Dozen Week.  They had sat in the vault for yonks cos there was never the "right" time to post them.  Anyway, the 4th set of photos was a bit meh, so I decided to do a Then and Now piece.

The purple extravaganza you are seeing is the NOW version, just so we're clear.  OK ?  It's sublime and I love it.  The base is Smitten Polish Beautyberry Gumdrops (coming to a Work Wear Wednesday sooon), with a Different Dimension Whatever gradient, topped off with Konad m57.

And THIS ^^  is what I did 9 months ago.  Same stamp, different base.   For this I used 2 CG Neons - Flirty Tankini and Beach Cruise-r.

For me, the old version is quite ghastly.  The photos are a bit horrific and I don't like the nail shape.

The NOW ones ... aah, now these I love.   This is just 2 polishes that were born to live together.   Side by side, they look dissimilar tones, but sponged together, wow .... the gradient from Bliss.

Also, when you're rocking the shorties, is there ANYTHING that looks cooler than purple leopard print ?  Maybe a hot red mani, but that's about it.  This mani was born for short nails.

The very interesting thing about this mani is how the stamping has smoothed the gradient out :)  True!  I think the pattern takes your eye off the colour change and compensates for it in some way, making it look even awesomer than it is!

I hope you've enjoyed Digit-al Dozen this week.   Personally, I've been a bit shocked to discover half my friends seem to have an unhealthy obsession with frogs lol but ....   

Tri Polish kicks off again next week and I do not have a single mani prepared.  Crapping myself does not even cover it!

Have a great weekend xxx :)

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