Monday, 8 April 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Animal Week - Skittle

Hi Goddesses

The Digit-al Dozen are back for another week of nail art, and this time we're "doing" animals, so to speak.  By a weird coincidence, it's also Animal Guardian Week, which is a nice  fit.

So, my posts this week are actually quite funny.   A while ago, because of this mani you're seeing today, I decided to do a week of Animal posts.   I had seen today's mani in a lot of places (I think I saw it on LTHP first) and wanted to use my new China Glaze Neons.    But then I ended up doing a 30 Day Challenge instead ..... in September.   Wait for it - these manis have been sitting in the vault for 9 months!  This one was done on 16th July.   Really, I wonder about myself sometimes.

So that means you get old nail shape, old photo styles and old camera!  It's a trip down memory lane haha.

So this was super easy and super cheerful.   Each nail had a CG neon gradient on it (and shocker - I actually wrote them down!) and then I used various animal stamps - giraffe, leopard, liger, snake and zebra.

thumb - Flirty Tankini and Beach Cruise-r
index - I'm With The Lifeguard & Splish Splash
middle - Orange You Hot & Make Some Noise
ring - Hang-ten Toes & Ride The Waves
pinkie - Sunshine Pop & Surfin For Boys

Which one's your favourite?  Enjoy xx

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