Thursday, 11 April 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Animal Week - Where Elevation Polish Met the Barry M Nail Art Pen

Hi Goddesses

I've kind of run out of 9 month old manis now :)  I have 2 left - 1 had such bad photos I just deleted it, and the other I'm still humming and hah-ing about.  I might even recreate it tonight to see if I can do a before and after version of it - we'll see!

I was lucky enough this week to receive the 8 Elevation Polishes I'd ordered.  It's a brand I've resisted for a long time because I thought of them as "boring" cremes.  Well A, they're not, and B, I think I must own all the glitters already, because cremes are really calling to me right now.

This stunner is a rich cobalt blue called Pic de Sotllo.   It goes on a little darker than the bottle, so it's not a total Baker Street blue - it has a little more navy to it than that.

It also seemed a perfect opportunity to put the Barry M Nail Art pen through its paces again, and I ended up creating this random animal print skittle with the white pen.

I have to be honest though - my second experience of using the pen wasn't as smooth as the first.  You may notice that these lines are nowhere near as thin or sharp as the ones I posted yesterday, and that's because the nib kept blobbing up and drying out.  

I was trying to get the polish to flow on a piece of paper, but every time the nib cleared, it seemed to dry out quite quickly.  I'd press it again, and get another blob.  In the end, I dipped the nib in the blobs (not gonna waste them) which is why some of the patterns look a little like I've used a dotting tool.

I am hoping this is a one off or something I can find a fix for.  I've spoken to other bloggers, and no one else has had this problem, so it could be me (cack-handed) or it could be one faulty pen.  Either way, I'll let you know!

Enjoy xx :)

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