Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fingerprints or Stamping ? with Layla, Essie and MJ6

Hi Goddesses

Depending how you view this blog, you may have noticed a panel that has appeared at the right hand side, near the Archive, called Crumpet Recommends.  These are 6 brands that I love, adore and support, and each logo takes you directly to where you can purchase these products.

Today I have a mani featuring 2 of my Recommended Brands - Sally Magpies, who stocks all sorts of polish in the UK, including Layla - and My Online Shop which creates THE most amazing stamping plates in the galactic empires :)

The base for this mani is Layla Ceramic Effect CE66 which is just a beautiful soft medium blue.  Quite denim-y.  Really nice.

I then stamped over it using Essie Blue Rhapsody - stamps AWESOMELY - and this stunning pattern from MJ6.

Technically, I think the pattern is just a spiral type squiggle, but I couldn't help thinking of fingerprints.

This is just one of those rare manis where everything works, as if the cosmic forces have Made It So.  The base and the stamp work deliciously well together, and the Essie is just the best stamping polish I've ever used - look how CRISP it is.

So, if you want to buy these lovelies for yourself, head over to the right hand side and treat yourself :)

Enjoy xx :)
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