Monday, 1 April 2013

Floral Week - Poppies

Hi Goddesses

This week, I and a few of my besties are doing Floral Week. I love flower manis and can't get enough of them, but I've been really unhappy with almost everything I've attempted for this week!

So, as I write this, you're seeing the one I've done JUST NOW (which never happens), I have one stamped mani I like and 2 that I don't.  I can't remember the last time I started a challenge without all my manis done!

This mani makes me HAPPY.  It's so cute, so colourful, and so simple.   It's inspiration comes from this photo, which is sadly uncredited.  If you know who did this awesome mani, please let me know so that I can add the details.

For my mani I used happy spring colours.  I wanted the mani to look like a psychedelic flower bed :)   The base polish I can't reveal, as that has it's own blog post later this week.

For my poppies, I used a medium dotting tool and -
Butter London Muggins - lilac
Barry M Blood Orange - red
KIKO 368 - orange and
Rimmel Pulsating - pink

I then went back with a small dotting tool and added the black centres.

Just to reassure you, this is really just a sophisticated version of a splodger's paradise.   Again, you can't really go wrong with this mani.  The flower bed is crowded, so they will overlap, or be half shapes.  If you want to take your dotting to the next level, this is a great mani to try.

So, who are my besties, and what are they up to - go and check them out, and enjoy xx 

Missy at Gnarly Gnails
Emma at Manicurity
Kerrie at Pish Posh & Polish
Ashley at Smashley Sparkles
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