Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Floral Week - Stamping with China Glaze Escaping Reality

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Day 3 of Floral Week aka the final mani I have done that I like, which means that tomorrow, you either get the one I don't like or the one I am about to attempt on my wrong hand lol.

This is a super simple mani, yet I really really like it.   The base is the super glossy and gorgeous China Glaze Escaping Reality, a lovely pink that's perfect for Spring.

I then stamped over it using this great design from Nailways, but I did have some issues positioning it on the nail.  Now, I have between zero and no spatial awareness whatsoever, so it's probably mostly me, but sadly I just couldn't get the pattern lined up quite how I wanted (or, looking at the thumb, at all ha ha).

I then used Barry M gold and silver foil and brushed stripes of polish onto my stamping plate (silver-gold-silver) and then swiped in the same direction as the polish, to keep the colour lines pristine.   I think both these colours sit beautifully with the pink.

Ok, off to go and try and do some art on my right hand - this could be interesting!

Love xx

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