Friday, 5 April 2013

Floral Week - When Manis Go Wrong

Hi Goddesses

Quick recap - did 2 manis for Floral Week and hated them.  Decided to put them in the bin.  Did 3 cool manis.  Hurrah!  Only 2 left to do!  Broke nail to beyond nubbin length on nail art hand.  Profanities.  Dragged bad manis back out of bin.  Bummer.

So, today's post features the 2 manis I didn't want to post, because I thought they were sub-standard.  Neither of them are BAD bad, but they just don't work in the way I wanted them to.  Last year, they would have definitely appeared on the blog, but this year I'm trying to be better, which is why I culled them.  However, I know you love it when my manis go wrong, so here goes :)

The first one makes me sad.  This is Ambrosia, a sensational polish from Ninja Polish (which I'll be posting very soon), and I stamped over it in gold with GALS GA36.

This actually looked lovely - the Chinese combination of colours was particularly striking, and the stamp itself is quite quirky and unusual.

However, my camera had accidentally twiddled itself to the wrong setting, hence the less than spectacular photos.   I broke my cardinal rule of never taking a mani off before I had checked the photos - and this is why I have this rule!   So deep sadness at a nice mani ruined by bad photos.

The second .... it sounded so good in my head, but I just don't think it works.   This may look a little familiar to you, as it appeared (without the stamping) in one of my Literary Lacquers posts.

This is Barry M Lime Green, layered with Literary Lacquers My Secret Garden (a matte pastel glitterbomb), and then stamped with white and Cheeky CH44.

I'm still not quite sure where this fails, but for me, it just doesn't live up to what was in my head.  Maybe that particular flower stamp was the wrong choice - I don't know.

So there you go - another trip to my less than perfect world!  Ha ha.  Enjoy xx

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