Thursday, 4 April 2013

Floral Week - Wrong Handed Watercolour Field of Flowers Nail Art

Hi Goddesses

I mentioned earlier in the week that my middle nail had broken to the quick, and I still had more awesome manis to do for Floral Week.  To say I was bummed is an understatement - I am on holiday next week too, and it looks like I won't be able to spend so much time playing with my nails as I planned to.

So it left me with some choices - post the 2 stamping failures I had already mentally put in the trash bin; abandon the challenge; do nail art featuring the hideous nubbin ..... or do some art on my wrong hand.

To be honest, I've arted on my "wrong" hand before.  In fact, a year ago, I did almost an entire Christmas Challenge on it, so I knew it could be done.  The question though, was how good would it be ?

Well, as it turns out, not tooooo bad.  I deliberately picked something doable, and whilst I'm sure it would have looked better on my proper hand, I prefer it to the 2 stamping manis (which I'll post tomorrow).

This started with 2 coats of Elevation Polish Alphubel, a gorgeous glossy pale blue, with a slight lavender lean and shimmer.   I then sealed my mani with Poshe and then added my flowers with a dotting tool before dabbing them with acetone.  I used Barry M Blood Orange and Blackberry, and OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever.

Finally, I used my acrylics to add the green stems, and then, as something seemed lacking, added some sunshine (not sure that was the right move though).

So, tolerable?  Enjoy xx 

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