Friday, 26 April 2013

Jade Uau - Orange Holographic Craziness!

Hi Goddesses

Before we get to the world's amazingest orange holo-oh-oh comparison post, I feel it's important you see all the ladies in all their glory, so today we've got Jade Uau.  Or as I pronounce it, Wow.

Jade holos are good.  They smell (not 3-free) but they have awesome bend.  Crazy bend.   Literally mind blowing bend.  And if you like your holos extreme, this is definitely the best brand to go with.

The other thing they have going for them is the intensity of the colour.  Just look at this one - amazing.  The holo is turned up to 11, and so is the colour.

The light bounces off these babies regardless of the lighting you're in.  Some holos demand sunlight or halogen before they shine - not the Jades lol.  This will glow, bend and shimmy wherever you're standing, making it a great impact polish.

You can buy Jade at Ninja Polish and Sally Magpies.

Pure awesome.  Enjoy xx :)
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