Sunday, 21 April 2013

Money Saving Ideas for Nails with

Hi Goddesses

Graphic courtesy of my bestie Kerrie at PishPoshPolish who did a similar post HERE.

A couple of months ago, I was asked by if I wanted to work with them to come up with some great ideas for nails.  It seems that in these recession hit times, nails has become the easiest beauty accessory, and the industry is booming.

So, together with the lovely Lucy from, the above was put together - some fascinating facts, yes?

I thought you might also like some other top tips -

- invest in a good base coat and top coat - they will make your mani last longer, saving you money in the long run

- learn which colours suit you.  Tempting though it is, there really is no point buying the new hot polish if the colour looks rubbish on you

- you can click on the graphic above to make it easier to read, but one of my top tips is to keep checking PoundLand and The Factory Shop - you can pick up some great bargains

- there are also quite a lot of swap and sell groups on Facebook.  If you don't like the orange polish you bought, there's someone else who will, and who will give you the green one you wanted in return.  Swapping is a GREAT way to save money.

- Recycled Nails.  If you follow my blog, you know I'm a huge fan of these.  Don't waste good polish - paint over it, art on it, stick bling on it, for a whole new look.

- and finally, it's not all about the big brands.  Sometimes, the cheapest polishes are just as good, and certainly reasonably priced High St brands are.  In the UK, Barry M, w7 ... the colour ranges may not be as extensive, but they're unlikely to let you down.  I haven't personally tried any, but I've also seen great colours come out of Primark.

The blog is going to start changing soon, and becoming a bit more informative and "How To", so if there's anything you're curious about, or anything you'd like hints and help on, just let me know, either in the comments, or on Facebook.

Enjoy xx :)
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