Tuesday, 23 April 2013

OPI DS Couture - Are OPI DS Polishes REALLY That Good?

Hi Goddesses

We have a lot of holo-oh-oh happiness to enjoy this week, and today we start with an utterly gorgeous polish which was sent to me by one of my nail besties, Emma.

THIS is OPI DS Couture, one of the original OPI holos, and so much oooh lala!!

The OPI holos remain some of my very favourite holo polishes, mainly for the fine size of holographic particle used.  Some polishes have coarser holo to them, and whilst still beautiful, they lack the indefinable beauty of a fine holo.

This is linear, dazzling and ... coral?  Orange?  Burnt orange?  Dark beigey orange?  Pinky orange?  Orangey pinky red-ISH?   Lol.  I don't know, but I don't care.  Whatever colour this is, it's warm, and it's beautiful.

The bend, as you would expect, is also dazzling.  I couldn't stop staring at this when I wore it.  Sadly, it's now discontinued so you'll struggle to get your paws on it, but I have a feeling it's very similar to The Greatest Treasures by Literary Lacquers, and I will be doing a comparison post later this week.

So, the OPI DS holos, ARE THEY the best?  In my opinion, yes.  Nothing has ever made me drool as much as an OPI holo.  They have the best rainbow and the strongest bend, and I love all 4 that I have.

Personally, I've never rated any of the China Glaze holos, and the only other ones I would recommend would be the ones coming out of Indie Land - somehow, the Etsy girls seem to have found the magical formula, when the big brands still can't.   You can also get some great ones from Jade, HITS and Ozotic, but I really have to applaud the indies.

It's all good though - we're going to be doing a LOT of holo-oh-oh-ing over the next few weeks.  I have the Color Clubs on the way, Mentality polishes, Chirality polishes, Above The Curve polishes - ALL the polishes lol.

In the meantime, just sit back, drool and enjoy :) xx
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