Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OPI Liquid Sand - Get Your Number, The Impossible and Stay The Night

Hi Goddesses

You may remember a few weeks ago, when the first OPI Liquid Sands came out, I was immediately drawn to The Purple One (oh, shocker) - Can't Let Go.  At the time, I mentioned I was also drawn to the others, but the hideous stars in The Impossible put me off.   Cue one VERY helpful reader who said "buy the mini - the stars don't fit in the bottle".

Ha, that made me chuckle, but it's also awesomely true, so I got my wish and I got my bottle of The Impossible sans stars.   Here then are the other 3 from that collection.  If you want to see Can't Let Go again, just click HERE.

Why don't we start with The Impossible, then?   Ah, it's lovely.  It's a soft, faded red with hints of pink, loads of shimmer AND purple glitter.

As with all the Sands, it looks lovely glossed or matte, but I think this is much more fascinating when it's matte.

However, the top coat does definitely intensify the color.

Next we have Stay The Night, which is the one I was convinced I wouldn't like, even though it always looks amazing in photos.  This is a super dark base, loaded with fuchsia glitter.

This has always looked like a volcanic explosion to me.  Artistically, it's the most gorgeous sand, and I'm surprised I liked it ON ME as much as I did.  I thought I would appreciate rather than really like it.

Needless to say, Beth has stolen this one - goth tones AND pink?  Every little girl's dream :)

Finally, the blue, Get Your Number.   Gah, VNL.  This is the fault of my camera, not the polish.  The polish was totally opaque, but my camera seems to think it's funny to do this from time to time.

GYN is a medium blue glitter which is soooooo mermaidian it hurts :)  This speaks of deep oceans, jewelled depths and long red hair :)  Loved this one.

You have to hand it to OPI.  Everrrrrrybody has come out with textures, but theirs do have that little bit more to them.  The concept of matte glitter which still sparkles is also beyond genius.

Enjoy xx :)
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