Saturday, 27 April 2013

Orange Holo-oh-oh with CHIRALITY Just Before Dawn

Hi Goddesses

Ok, this is the last orange holo-oh-oh post before the Greatest Orange Holo-oh-oh Comparison Post of All Time :)

THIS is how Chirality does holos.   Different, isn't it?   Unique in fact.   Beauty, certainly, but none of the crazy linear bendiness that most holos possess.

Let's start with the colour.  Wow, I can't even tell you how intensely saturated this is.  It looks like cinammon on your nails.  Pure burnt sugar.   Darkest marmalade.  It's just amazing.  Rich, so rich.

And then the holo.   I'm going to be honest.  I started putting this on and was really underwhelmed, but by the 3rd coat, the sheer beauty of this polish had grabbed me.    

Despite being a scattered holo, this packs a HUGE punch.  It is exceptionally well produced and a top quality product.  And as I sat there, staring at it, I realised I had fallen utterly in love with it's simplicity, subtlety and grace.

This is a holo-oh-oh for grown-ups :)  Enjoy xx
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