Monday, 8 April 2013

piCture pOlish Monday - Gene Doll

Hi Goddesses

So here it is ... sniff .... the end of piCture pOlish Monday ... sort of.   Today you get to see the last of the polishes I was sent for review, but due to my own little stash, I've got another few to show you over the coming weeks, so it's not quite over yet :)

Today I have Gene Doll, a pink glitter.  I feel the world has too many pink glitters, and I wasn't sure what I would make of this.

My verdict?  I really quite like it.  I don't love it, but I do have a soft spot for it, and I can see lots of versatile uses for her in her future.

First of all, you're seeing her over Barry M Blackberry.  This looked the bomb, but in photos, it has a meh-ness to it that I can't quite explain.   Suffice to say, this looked sexy, glossy and wow in real life.

My preferred use for it though is as a colour clash glitter.  My current favourite glitters are pastel blues or greens with bright fuchsia glitter thrown in, so I decided to create one of my own!

This is Gene Doll over Marine, and I LOVE this combo.  So dazzling, so fresh, so POP.   

Finally, this glitter works partly because it's such a dark magenta, and has depth of its own, and also because ... can you see them?  can you?  itty bitty baby squares!

Glorious  :)

Don't forget to go and see what Claudia is up to, she's got Dorothy today.

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Finally, I just want to thank piCture pOlish for this opportunity.  They're a brand I love, and have been happy to support - thank you for putting your gorgeous babies and your faith in me :)  Love xx:)
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