Thursday, 11 April 2013

Review - SHIMMER Polish Candace and Irene

Hi Goddesses

2 gold polishes for you today from the Shimmers I was sent for review.

Although they are both gold, they are very different.  Candace is chunky and dirtier, whilst Irene is a little haughty and whiter.  Let's start with Candace.

Candace is layered over KIKO 393 and 325, and the bases complement her perfectly, bringing out her grungey tones.

Like a lot of Shimmers, she's not what she appears on the surface, and a closer look reveals fine dustings of fuchsia and navy glitters.

Mostly though, she is gold.  The slight tint to the base gives her an ornate feel, and mixed with a green base she looks like a cross between a witch and a crocodile :)   I really liked this combo.

Irene is a very different kind of gold, whiter, but still yellow.  She also has some other colours mixed in, mainly aqua, and this creates a vintage feel.

The main difference with Irene is that all the particles are the same size, giving her a more uniform appearance.   Personally, I think I'd have liked to see this one look a bit more random.

Irene is layered over CG Frostbite.

Gold - ah!  Which one do you prefer?

You can buy Shimmer Polish HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.

This polish was sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx
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