Friday, 12 April 2013

Review - Shimmer Polish Jennifer, Nichole and Vanessa

Hi Goddesses

I've got a whole LOAD of Shimmers for you today :)  These are the ones that I felt didn't need posts of their own, so I've bundled them together in a big swatchathon of love.  Ready?

First up we have Jennifer, which I layered over OPI Can't Find My Czechbook and China Glaze Escaping Reality.

Jennifer is predominantly a gold and pale blue mix of varying sizes and subtle hues.  As you'd expect, she works better with the blue, but I thought I'd see how she handled the clash of the pink.   Mmmm.  Stick with the blue :)

Next is Nichole.  She's super pretty, and she's also layered over Czechbook.

Nichole has a LOT going on!   Essentially she is silver, red and royal blue.   I wanted to highlight the vividness of the blue with a subtle base that would also draw the eye to the other glitters.

I think this one is a lovely combo.

Vanessa is another interesting blend.   This is an entire spectrum of grey, from silver to gunmetal, with some red glitter bombing thrown in.

This is one of the Shimmers that sits in a coloured base (or seems as if it does due to the density of the darker glitters) so I layered this over 2 greys - KIKO 380 and 381.

I love Vanessa over both of these greys - I honestly can't decide which she looks more dramatic over.

You can buy Shimmer Polish HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.

This polish was sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx
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