Thursday, 25 April 2013

Summer Polish News - Could Barry M BE Any More Awesome ?

Hi Goddesses

Hot on the heels of Monday's exciting news about Sequin polishes, Barry M have today revealed the rest of their summer line up and .... GULP .... it includes more Gellies!!!

They've followed another trend with their Confetti polishes, which look similar to the Nails Inc Feather polishes.  Whilst the colours look really interesting, I'm a known detester of hairy glitter, so I'm curious to see if these can convert me ;)

**Confetti Nail Effects Nail Paint**
New Confetti Nail Effects is the perfect party for your nails.  Filled with confetti sprinkles that brush on smoothly, make your nails pop with 5 sweet inspired shades. Dolly Mixture (Multi), Liquorice (Black/White), Marshmallow (Pink), Bubblegum (Blue), Sour Apple (Green). 
*Build the effect with more than one coat or apply as a top coat over your favourite colour
Retail Price is £3.99

Then we have ..... GULP ... the Summer Gellies and my oh my oh my they are just as gorgeous as I hoped.  There's only 1 problem - there's only 5 of them lol.

**Summer Gelly Nail Paint**
To add to our Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint collection Barry M have 5 new exotic fruit inspired shades!  Key Lime, Mango, Blue Grape & Guava will be your go-to shades this Summer for an extra glossy mani.  Key Lime (Lime Green), Guava (Teal), Passion Fruit (Pink/Red), Blue Grape (Cobalt Blue), Mango (Orange).
Retail Price is £3.99

And do you know what's even more shocking??  The one I'm most excited about is Guava.  The teal !!!

Ha ha!  Oh the joys.  These don't go on sale until the beginning of June, but I'll be whetting your appetite over the next couple of weeks.

Ah Barry - you and your M astound ..... <3
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