Monday, 22 April 2013

Tri Polish Challenge Day 3 - Roses n Stripes

Hi Goddesses

I am feeling very floral at the moment.  I think the success of actually being able to do some roses went to my head, or maybe it's that summer's on the way.  THEN I saw Missy's awesome Grunge Rose mani HERE and ooooh it stayed on my mind, but as time was short, I wondered if I could freehand it rather than do all the faffy stuff.  So I did.

A reminder - my 3 polishes are all China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy (turquoise), Purple Panic (pink) and Style Wars (orange).   My base was (as always) OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I started off with 2 coats of white, and then used my Born Pretty striper brush to add my lines.   I then did a big colour blob with a large dotting tool, where I wanted the rose to be, trying to make the shape a little irregular.

I then used my white and my size 0 Born Pretty nail art brush to draw in the folds of the rose.

I had mixed thoughts on this afterwards.  I wish I hadn't used all 3 colours - personally, I think the turquoise is a little jarring.  Secondly, I think I maybe should have done a white blob before the coloured blob - the rose shape doesn't stand out enough for my liking.

Still, it's more adventurous than my usual art, so that pleases me.   

Enjoy xx :)

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