Monday, 1 April 2013

Winner - March Blogger of the Month

Hi Goddesses

Let's find out who won the Match Blogger of the Month.

Just before we start, Little Miss Nail Polish who won last month, I don't think you've contacted me about your guest post.  I don't remember seeing anything, so please email me on to set something up.

Ok, so ... eenie meenie miney mo .... this is getting harder you know, especially as there are now some familiar faces in there, and blogs I know I have mentioned in previous months. Have any of them improved from a favourable to a win?  We shall see.

Mentions first ....   Cazzy from Special Girl Nails.   Quirky.  uses matte top coat a lot.  Visually interesting.

And this one, which I thought was HILARIOUS !!

Next we have Denise from Dizzy Little Digits.  A great blog - you can see Denise is getting better through posting consistently.  This was my favourite of hers - truly awesome.

Day 04: Color Block – March Nail Art Challenge

I also LOVED bunny :)

Day 11: Pastels – March Nail Art Challenge

Day 18: Halfmoons – 31 Day Challenge

And now .. to the winner.  I think this has been the toughest month to judge.  All 3 ladies are awesome, and the only thing for me that makes the winner stand out is a little more consistency - there was just more of her work that I personally liked, but all 3 ladies are awesome.

Anyway, step forward, Megan of Meg's Manicures !!!!!!!!!

Well done Megan!!  Please contact me to get your guest post arranged :)

Seriously, well done to all 3 ladies, all of your blogs are wonderful xx :)
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