Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Work Wear Wednesday - Wide Awake by Different Dimension

Hi Goddesses

Right now, one of my very favourite indie brands is Different Dimension.  I love her quirkiness, her 100% commitment to colour and her sense of humour :)  I've bought quite a few of her polishes, and Missi has also sent me some for review, and this is one of the latter.

Wide Awake is, in many ways, a very unusual polish for Different Dimension.  It's not overloaded with crazy glitter or colour that's turned up to 11, but wow ..... somehow it still packs a punch.

This is a pinky beige scattered holo ... wait for it .... with microscopic shimmer glitter.  That means you get 2 effects on your nails - the holo-oh-oh and then the pink shimmery kaleidoscope.  It's nothing short of knockout.

The shimmer is hiding in these photos, but it's there.  When you take the polish off, it's there, just under the surface.    This is what makes it so perfect for workwear - it might LOOK neutral, and sedate, but there's quite the party going on.

I absolutely loved this. It's delicate enough to be a palate cleanser, classy enough to look sophisticated, and sexy enough to be putting on a show that not everyone can see.

You can buy Different Dimension HERE as well as at various other online stores, and follow her on Facebook HERE.

This polish was sent to me for an honest review - enjoy :) xx
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