Sunday, 19 May 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Barry M Confetti Polishes part 2 - Bubblegum and Sour Apple

Hi Goddesses

More Barry M for you today – the 2nd half of the Confetti hairy glitters which go on sale very VERY soon!

Today we have the more colourful glitters – a bluey one and a greeny-teal one.  Despite my hatred of hairy glitter, I actually almost like these :)  they are MUCH more palatable than the 3 I reviewed HERE.   I think sometimes when brands try something new, it’s easy to play safe and go for the obvious colours, but this proves that the slightly wilder versions are usually the winners.   

Bubblegum is the blue confetti, a ticker tape of bright aqua with occasional white pieces

I layered this over Blue Grape Gelly and they play really well together.

Sour Apple is the green looking one, although it actually doesn’t contain any green.  It has identical or similar aqua to Bubblegum, and this time, lemon is mixed in.  This is why it looks green from a distance, as the eye merges the lemon into the aqua.

I layered this over Key Lime Gelly, and again, they worked beautifully together.

In hindsight, I’m almost surprised Barry M didn’t create 5 Confettis to match the 5 Gellys they released – imagine if they had done an orange and peach one, or a teal and mint, or a red and pink.  They would have looked awesome.

By the way, if you’re wondering, I did get the Sequins to review, but decided not to.  You may have seen other bloggers try to swatch them, and they are not pretty.  They are glitters in a textured base, and I had real difficulty applying them.  My swatches looked like a 3 yr old had done them, so I exercised quality control and deleted them.  If you’re curious, the best swatches I have seen are at One Nail To Rule Them All.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

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