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Crumpet Reviews - Barry M Summer Gelly Polishes

Hi Goddesses

GAH SOMETIMES BEING A BLOGGER IS SO EXCITING !!! So exciting, in fact, that only Caps Lock will do :)  Yesterday, I was the lucky recipient of the new Gelly polishes from Barry M, a full month before they come out AND THEY ARE FAN-STONKING-TASTIC !!!

This is the 3rd set of Gelly polishes Barry and his M have released.  The original release of 10 (ish) shades was in the Autumn.  They then followed up with 4 Spring shades. And now .. ladies, oh ladies .... 5 summer shades that could not be more perfect if Barry himself had screamed "Make 5 perfect summer shades!".  Yup, they're THAT good.

I gave you a sneak peek of this skittle last night on my FB page, and don't they look perfect together?  As I took them out of the envelope, this was the thing that struck me most - I can't remember the last time I saw a collection where all the polishes look like they BELONGED together.  There is something about how these 5 bounce off and complement each other that's just incredible.

So back to the skittle - don't they look like Smarties!  It makes me happy.  All the polishes in this post are 2 coats (although with time you'll find 1 coat opaque enough) and Poshe top coat (they are super shiny on their own, but I always TC out of habit.)

There were no application issues at all with these polishes. You may remember that a couple of the pastels were a little bit streaky on first use, well these were perfect.  I don't know whether the formula has been tweaked a little or if I'm just getting used to applying them (they are a little runnier than normal polishes) but this was the best collection yet for ease of use.

Let's start with Blue Grape.  Will you look at that!  Wow in a bottle!  This is Baker Street with the headlights on.

This polish is fabulously intense, I love it.  In the bottle, there is an indigo lean.  On the nail, not so much.  I'm not sure if this is a trick of the light, or whether it should just be a straight-up-knock-em-in-the-eyes blue.

There are a lot of Baker St dupes out there, but you won't find one glossier than this.

Key Lime.  As you know, I am not a green lover, but even I was keen for this one :)  As I mentioned last week in my 7 Barry M Nail Paints You Can't Live Without post, I love Barry M Lime Green, and this is basically a rebooted version of that polish.

Not just rebooted though - it's glossier, and it doesn't take 4 coats for opacity.   This is a FABULOUS green - even I can see that.

I love that all my green loving friends have been desperate to see this - well look!  feast your eyes!  This is one magical polish.

Mango is the orange polish.  I was nervous about this one in case it was too neon.  Also, I didn't like Satsuma, which was in the original Gelly release last year.

Not too worry - this is summery perfection!  It's a paler orange - what I would call a sherbert orange, very similar to Zoya Arizona.

This looks "just right" on the nail - not too bright, not too loud, not too pale ... it nails it.

Passion Fruit is the "red" of the bunch.   I honestly don't even know what you'd call this colour - soft neon red?  It's almost like a neon coral with a dollop of red in it.  Indefinable, but fantastic.

On the nail, this pops like crazy, and it's just THE perfect summer shade.  Even better, this will suit all skin tones, and it's just a joy to stare at.

I've seen / maybe bought a few polishes of similar tone lately - I think this shade, whatever it is, is the shade of the  summer.

And then we have Guava, and oh goddesses, there is a long tale attached here.  Guava is the turquoise.  The holy-crap-that-is-THE-best-turquoise-of-all-time turquoise.   I have had the hardest job photographing this, and none of my photos really capture the insane intensity and depth of this polish (which I am sure some of you will also call teal).

I photographed this as I do any polish, and it blanched it out to sky blue.  I walked through every room of the house and it photographed the same.  I went outside - sunshine and shade - nada - even went to my old "studio" in the utility room - no go.  I did the hand underwater thing - nope.  So I am assuming that just as some cameras hate purples, mine hates this one single polish that I currently love more than any other - bitch!   Let's remind ourselves of Barry's  publicity shot - 

And then here are my photos - 

As you can see, that crazy greeny-oceanic depth is just absent, and it really upsets me.  Like REALLY upsets me.  This is a helluva polish, and whilst I've managed to manipulate some of the photos closer to the true tone, they are still that little bit lacking.

In the end, I confused the camera with an accent nail of Key Lime lol.  It's the most colour accurate shot, but not the prettiest!

So there you go.  Pure Barry brilliance.  This is a 10/10 collection, no doubt.  I also have 2 more Confettis to show you, as well as the 3 Sequins.

These Gellies will not be on sale for a few weeks, which gives me some time to have a good ole play with them and show you what they can do :)  

They will be on sale for £3.99 from June 5th in Superdrug and June 12th in Boots.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  Enjoy!  xx 
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