Saturday, 4 May 2013

Crumpet Reviews ... Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes

Morning Goddesses

It's the weekend!  Even better, in the UK we have a 3 day Bank Holiday weekend!  Can you guess where I'll be spending most of my time ?  Lol.

Today's post is a review of some Born Pretty nail art brushes I was sent to review a couple of months ago.  As you know, improving the quality of my nail art, and specifically the PRECISION of it, has been a quest for me this year, and that's partly why this post has taken me a while to put together - I wanted to give the brushes a really good work out.

The product I ordered is the 4 pcs Acrylic UV gel Nail art paint drawing brush kit.  It features 4 super fine brushes.  Brushes are labelled with numbers to describe their "width" and these are pretty much the smallest you can get - 0, 00, 000 and 0000.

I've used each of the brushes, and ALL of them are perfect for nail art.  I've been using them with acrylic paint.  If you use them with nail polish, I would suggest you make sure you haven't overloaded the brush, as this will ruin any precision you're aiming for.

They made my bookworm - 

and my roses -  

and my daisies - 

and some more roses -

AND I even used it to make a needle drag -

Overall, I can hand on heart say I have never achieved results like this before.  Now some of that is me trying harder etc, but these brushes have definitely made a difference.  Put it this way, if you took them away from me, my art would go backwards - we'd be back to strange clumpy cat-shaped things :)

These brushes sell for the princely sum of $3.51 - BARGAIN !!! - and you can buy them by clicking HERE.  Don't forget, I also have a 10% Born Pretty discount code which you can use at checkout - LPL91.

Enjoy xx :)
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