Sunday, 19 May 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Catrice Lilactric, The Dark Knight and The GlamoureX Factor

Hi Goddesses

Today I have 3 polishes which were sent to me for review by the lovely Sally Magpies.  For those of you who don't know her, she's a UK e-tailer stocking all sorts of fabulousness, from Layla to Essence to Picture Polish to indies ... and very soon, Emily de Molly.

next to a Barry M brush, which I consider "standard"

Let's start away from the colours.  I loved these polishes, and this is why - the brush.  It is possibly the best brush ever to sit in a nail polish bottle.  It's short, it's wide and it glides around the nail like a chubby figure skater on acid.  RESULT.  For my nail shape, this brush is perfection.

Colourwise, all of these were beautiful in their own way.    The GlamoureX Factor is a metallic gold with some warmer, beige hints.

It glides onto the nail beautifully.  If you're looking for a statement polish for an accent nail, this is a great choice.   There's lots of gold polishes out there, but ease of application makes this one a winner.

The Dark Knight is a midnight-infused purple, from the Garden of Shimmer.   This is dark, fragrant, and quite possibly deadly.

It's an impossibly dark purple, yet still glorious rather than sinister.  This is sooooo witching hour.  The glow of the shimmer keeps this alive and pulsing on the nail.

Isn't she just AMAZING??????

And then my very favourite - Lilactric.   Super pale pinky-lilac polish, drizzled with gold shimmer.   

On the nail, this is like a cute fluffy bunny - so delicate, so precious, so pure.  Utterly beautiful, like a cashmere sweater.

You can peruse Sally Magpies HERE - I dare you to not buy anything, it's not possible!  You can also follow on Facebook HERE.

These products were sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx
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