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Crumpet Reviews - Chirality Cereal Killer Collection Part 2

Hi Goddesses

Let’s start with a funny story shall we?  In life, I have my polish loves and my polish HATES.  As you probably know by now, hairy glitter is top of that list.   The other occupants?  Well, they would be green polishes, anything yellow, pukey pastel peach, glitter in a white base and weird shaped glitter.

On Wednesday, this dropped through my letterbox – 4 new Chirality polishes to review.  And what are they?  Erm, green, yellow, peach and weird shaped glitter.  Pretty much all of them in a white base.  LOL.   As I remarked to a friend, you couldn’t have sent me a more nightmarish package to review if you’d tried ….. 

So it’s with a lot of weirdness that I announce that I actually like all of these polishes.  Now, that’s not the same as saying I love them, or that I would want to wear them every day, but each one is beautiful in its own way.  Especially the green.   THUNDER!!!!  Did I really just say that? Yup.  Crumpet likes the green …….

This is the 2nd part of Chirality’s Cereal Killer Collection, where multi coloured polishes, which look a little like bowls of cereal, are named after serial killers, for the pun.   Amanda took a lot of stick for her first collection, and the associations she was making, so I’m a little surprised she has ventured there again.  However, I am always proud of any artist who doesn’t let the boo-ers deter them.   Personally, I’m all for witty word play, and I don’t for a second think Amanda is trying to say serial killers have “inspired” her, but I understand why it has made some people uncomfortable.

Shall we start with the green then?  Apple Jack the Ripper is just GAWJUS.  Like seriously, jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  This is without doubt the best green glitter I have ever come across.

I love the mixes of green in this polish.  Some of the pieces are celery green, and it really really works.  I also love the assortment of shapes, especially all the round gliter.  I never thought I’d say this, but I do genuinely like this.

Starkweather Pops is the yellow one, and again, this works.  It’s pure summer sunshine on the nail – bright and happy, and whilst it’s not “my thing”, it really is pretty.

Again, the shape mixture works – the squares especially removing any tweeness if might have otherwise had.   I ran out of time, but I do plan to stamp some bumblebees over this.

Gacy Charms is the multi-shaped glitter in a white base.   Again, I didn’t dislike this, and it actually made me happy wearing it.  I think it’s the pink circles which are just about the best thing to ever happen to glitter.

There are a LOT of different shapes going on in here, especially round ones, but it just WORKS.  This is so carefree and pretty.

And finally the peach one – Frosted Speck.  Peach always makes me shudder.  It’s a colour I’ve never understood, and my skin tone just repulses it.  However, this is lovely.   On the nail, it’s nude as much as peach.

More than anything, this looks bridal to me.  The colour is beautifully understated, and the white glitters give it an edge that is super subtle.  Again, this is not a “me” polish, but if you like subtle, this one should be on your list.

So, here I sit, super surprised.  I genuinely liked all of these, and that’s quite an achievement when none of the polishes are ones I would usually give a second glance to.  The green is the undoubted winner, and I can’t believe I’m actually urging people to buy a green polish lol.

All the swatches were over 1 coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and I used 1 coat of glitter, with a few extra dabs to fill in the gaps, and 2 coats of the peach.

I also want to take a minute to point out how much more advanced these are than the first collection (which you can see here).  The first 4 were pretty much the same polish in 4 different colours, whilst here, we have genuine complexity in the glitter mixes.   This makes me really excited for what Amanda will do next.

You can buy these polishes HERE and you can follow on Facebook HERE.   

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx   

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