Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dark Red Holo-oh Comparison - OPI DS Extravagance, piCture pOlish Monroe and Zoya Blaze

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the weekend!  For a lot of us, we get 3 days this weekend, so whatever you're doing, ENJOY!   

Today I have a comparison post for you featuring 3 dark red holo polishes.  This post doesn't include ALL my red holos, it's focussed purely on the ruby-toned ones.  For comparison purposes, there's an accent nail of Ozotic 621, which was always my most intense red, and it's just there to highlight how light it is in comparison, and how burgundy the others really are.

Our players are -
OPI DS Extravagance - index finger
piCture pOlish Monroe - middle finger
Zoya Blaze - ring fnger and thumb
Ozotic 621 - little finger

At first glance, I was shocked by the similarities.  I haven't worn the OPI in over a year, and I think I mis-remembered its precise shade - I certainly didn't think it was anywhere NEAR as close in colour to the others as it obviously is.

Extravagance does, however, maintain a cold, violet tone which the others lack, giving it that little bit of distinction.

Monroe and Blaze on the other hand are a bit like twins - sometimes they look identical, and sometimes they don't :)

Blaze for me has a touch more warmth and ruby sparkle, but in some lights, they look nearly identical.

So, do you need all 3??  Wellllllll .... probably not haha.   If you're thinking of buying one, I would probably suggest you only pick one out of these 3. If on the other hand you are already mummy to all 3 of them ..... gah!  so hard, so hard!

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy xx 
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