Monday, 13 May 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Bling - Cirque Au

Hi Goddesses

So, this week is Bling Week on the Digit-al Dozen, chosen by the Queen of Bling herself, Vic from Glowstars.  If you’ve never seen her blog, you should check it out in the links below – it’s an OTT smorgasbord of 3D designs that boggle my mind.

Me, you see, not so much of da bling on this blog.  However, last summer, I did buy 7 shitloads of sequins and the like off eBay, and this week is the time to use them!   As I haven’t really dabbled in this area before, I thought it would be fun to do Escalated Bling.  So, today we’re going to start gently, and by Friday we’re gonna have something Vic would be proud of!

So how gently can Bling Week start?  How about with a gold flakie top coat?   When these first came out I was very “pooh pooh” about them, but man they look lovely.  So eventually I caved, and the one I am wearing is Cirque Au, (French for gold haha) over Cirque Curiosity, a lovely sparkly red.

I have to admit to being totally in love with these top coats.  I have a white gold one too, which I haven’t tried yet, and I’m trying desperately to resist the WingDust one which mixes white and gold.  No one at work would believe me that it was real gold, but hey ho.

I think the like factor for me is in the irregularity of the shapes.  It’s not as regular as glitter, and I really love the randomness going on.  I particularly can’t wait to try this over an aqua.

Application was totally easy, but you can probably see, I got more on the nail as the mani progressed!  Ha ha.  Next time, I think I’d like the little finger to be a little sparser lol.

Enjoy xx 

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