Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Bling - Day 2- One Glequin At A Time

Hi Goddesses

So for Day 2 of Bling Week we have Bling For Beginners – a blingy polish with one – just one – glequin.

The base here is Different Dimension HomeBoy, one of her neon holos.  He is a delightful blue – rich and intense, but bright.  A lot of blue holos are faded and jaded, but not this Boy.  He is pure luscious awesome.

The DD holos aren’t linear, but they are pretty,  The combination of holo plus neon adds exactly the right amount of pow.  Application is effortless too.

So, I decided to take Baby Steps and just place one glequin on each nail.  These came from one of the ahem MANY nail wheels I bought last year – this particular one is filled with every size of round silver stud you can imagine.

As I was only using one, I decided to go for a “statement” size, and picked quite a large one.  I used a blob of slow drying top coat as my glue (this is only because I knew I would be taking it off relatively quickly).

If I’d been planning to wear this for a few days, I’d have top coated too, but I had a date with mani number 3 lol.

See you tomorrow!  Enjoy xx

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