Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Bling ... Day 3 - 1 Colour, ALL The Shapes!!!

Hi Goddesses

So, yesterday was about one well-placed glequin.  Today is about one well-chosen colour, and embracing the different shapes and sizes it comes in.

Again I used a Different Dimension neon holo as my base – this one is Tubular, and it’s a creamy, sherbert type of orange – a bit like a holo version of CG Papaya Punch.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d love this, as I like my oranges intense, but it pleases me.  It doesn’t have as much love for me as some orange holos I own, but it looks versatile, and I can see it making lots of arty appearances.

When I was thinking how to escalate my Blinginess, I decided on my red glequin colour wheel.  You can get them in almost every colour, and basically, they contain every shape you can imagine.  We have bars, flowers, hearts, teardrops, squares …. you name it.  So I picked a few random ones out, grabbed my tweezers, and off we went!

Again, I used slow drying top coat rather than glue, but if you’re wanting your mani to last a few days, you’ll be wanting to use glue.  I have to say though, W7 top coat has quite the grip!  It wasn’t easy pulling these off after!

I like this overall combo, but again, why do I start quite spaced out on the thumb and then get over-crowded by the pinkie lol.  I need to sort myself out!

Enjoy xx

Tubular was sent to be for my honest review.

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