Thursday, 16 May 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Bling - Day 4 - Purple Studs Review

Hi Goddesses

Today we have something a bit more adventurous lol – an actual “proper” blingy mani, featuring some purple studs I was sent for review by KKCentreHK.

Before we delve in, can I just say this is one of the hardest manis I have EVER tried to photograph?  These studs are amazing.  Seriously blingy, like nail porn.  They sparkle like bright purple diamonds.  What did my camera do?  Cower in a corner and act all scaredy.  Hence some photos look a tad out of focus.  This mani ROCKED in real life.  Damn cameras that can’t stand the heat!

So the base for this you’ve seen before, CG Creative Fantasy, which I chose because it is so super shiny and glossy.  I thought it made the perfect background for the studs – and it did – but it’s probably also what caused my camera to have a shit fit.

I decided to go for various patterns, and leave the index free as an accent nail.  Again, I used a slow drying top coat rather than glue, as I knew I’d be taking the mani off pretty quickly.

I love all the nails, though the middle one felt quite medieval and a bit S&M lol.  The purple of the studs worked with the base perfectly, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

In terms of the review of the product, they were really easy to use.  I used these ones, which can be purchased HERE.   I’ve got loads left over too, enough for a few more manis 

Enjoy xx 

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