Thursday, 2 May 2013

Femme Fatale - Miasma and Fatal Attraction

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is an odyssey of drool, featuring 2 highly sought after polishes by one of the most sought after indie brands of the moment - Femme Fatale.  If you've had your eye on these babies, you'll understand when I say that trying to find these polishes is like finding unicorn shit - almost impossible.

Also, being a jaded polishaholic who often feels like they've seen it all, it can take quite a lot to make my jaw drop these days, yet both these polishes managed it.  Let's get drooling!

Fatal Attraction has been my Number 1 lemming this year.  Dark pink, sparkly, holo-ey, glittery, dazzling, sparkly, amazing, sparkly - what's not to love?

In reality, this polish is a bit darker than the photos I originally saw of it - it's closer to a magenta-burgundy base than a pure fuchsia one.  It's like spectral redcurrant jelly.

It also has the most amazing violet particles in it.  The clash of the hot pink and berry tones and the cold fire of the violet is just celestial.

It also holds light like fire.  It's amazing.  When the light catches this, it erupts in heavenly flame.  Scorchio!

This looked best in sunlight, but you know, England blah blah.  Even though we've had sun this week, it's been setting by the time I've gotten home from work.  But oh, this couldn't be more amazing if someone pointed at it and said "oi, you, be amazing!".

This reminds me a lot of NerdLacquer Nebula, and of the 2, I think this has more going for it.  It would also be a good alternative if you're looking for OPI DS Extravagance.  Whilst they are in no way dupes, this takes the essence of that polish and then puts dazzle dust on it.  Stunner.

And then there's Miasma.  Again, this was lust at first sight - dusty lilac base (Crumpet's fave, thank you very much), lilac and purple glitter (love), red glitter (SUPER LOVE) and big black dots (meh - but, go on then).

So on paper, this should be Crumpet heaven in a bottle, and yet for me, sadly, devastatingly, this has ended up as less than the sum of its parts.

I'll admit, she looks lovely in the photos, but on the paw, colour me underwhelmed.  There's a lack of super glossiness to the polish, and those black buggers would NOT come out to play.  I also struggled to get some of the purple ones.

I also don't like how the polish coats the glitter - it's as if it hasn't found the right balance between opacity and jelliness.

I'm really gutted I don't like this more, but I'm going to give it 1 more try before I let it go.   

Which one is your favourite??

Enjoy xx :)
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