Sunday, 19 May 2013

Guest Post from Emma of Cambridge Nails - April's Nail Art Winner

Hi Goddesses

Today we have a Guest from Emma of Cambridge Nails who won the April Nail Art Contest.  Without further ado - here we go!


Wow a guest post on The Crumpet and I'm so excited, I love The Crumpet. I won the April Amateur Nail Art Contest with my Daisy Chain nails so this is completely different. I decided to go for a geometric design that I've been planning all week. It's based on this type of optical illusion (by ParrotBoy) where you can see the cubes in 3D and they flip in and out. I decided to do this as an accent nail mani as it would get a bit too much if it were on every nail.

I think this turned out really well although the black could have done with a little bit more of a going over (one of those things the camera brings up which isn't visible in real life). It's not as good as on a  flat surface because my nails are very curved so the perspective isn't quite right.

I tried a few different weird hand poses to get both my accent nails in a similar orientation but this was the best one. What I mean by the cubes flashing in and out is that the turquoise diamonds can be either the top or the bottom of the cubes, clever huh?

The polishes involved are NYC Blue Sky, Nails Inc Hampstead Heath, Barry M Indigo and Barry M Black nail art pen. I used a small nail art brush to fill in the squares I had mapped out with the colours and then went over with the nail art pen to outline. If anyone wants a tutorial I'm happy to show you how I mapped out the pattern on my nails.

I want to say thanks to Debbie for hosting such an awesome nail art contest which encourages people like me who are just starting out to enter and for allowing me to write a guest post :).
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