Friday, 10 May 2013

Matte Week and Purple for Lupus Day

Hi Goddesses

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday - I have quite the story to tell you, which I'm going to weave around the mani.   Today is my 4th matte post and also a day to raise awareness for Lupus.  Anyone else think Matte Week and Lupus Day sound like a cracking detective duo?

So.  Yesterday.  Oh dear.   I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep.   As an over thinker, it isn't easy to quiet my brain, but I learnt when I was younger that having the radio on at night helped.  Not so loud that I could follow every word, but just loud enough to drown out all the unfinished words in my head.  Plus, if I wake up, it reassures me I HAVE already been asleep, and helps me snooze back off again.

Needless to say this has driven every boyfriend MAD. Men, they hate it.  They moan about it.   I've had many arguments about it.  The radio has always won.

The other week, Mark started getting really crabby about, and I mean REALLY.   We are talking of a shit fit of utterly epic proportions.   So when I couldn't put up with his whinging any longer, I decided to get some earbuds, and use them til I was just on the cusp of sleep.

Night number 1 I did extensive testing.  My radio sits on a 5 foot tall chest of drawers and I rigorously checked how much movement I had in the headphones wire, and whether I had to move around gingerly, or whether I could flop over onto my side with complete abandon.  LOTS of leeway.  Good-o.

5am yesterday morning, I rolled over in bed, and the radio thunked down and hit me on the head, in the left temple.  When I say "hit", it felt like a bloody hammer.  The radio is a lightweight thing but bloody hell it landed with the weight of a Sumo wrestler.

I inhaled sharply, but did not yelp as I didn't want to wake the whole household with the banshee shriek of filth which would have erupted from my mouth, but I did lie there, still, and on the brink of tears from the very VERY oooohey owchey ness of it all.

Wake up for work.  Head feels fine.  Hurts, but fine.  By mid morning, I am a little woozy, like the slow build to a migraine, or the adrenaline reaction to dental surgery.   We Google "fractured skull symptoms".  One of them is "behaving abnormally".  One helpful workmate chimes in that we "won't be able to tell the difference".

I wobble along throughout the day, just wanting my bed and my teddy bear and a big big cry.  Everybody laughs, especially when I add it's the 2nd time it's happened in a month .....

So, after work, I went straight to bed last night, and was quite relieved to wake up this morning.   All joking aside, Beth was really worried, and it brings home the abruptness of life and death.  I was terrified all day that I might have a Natasha Richardson situation - who else could love Beth as much as me?

Anyway, I am fine.  You have been watching Catrice The Dark Knight, topped with Cult Nails Seduction, and then matted using nail stickers.

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Enjoy xx :)  and good health!

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