Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Matte Week - I Forgot Crackle Was Such FUN !!!!

Hi Goddesses

Today's mani is totally unexpected and unplanned and you have Beth to thank / blame lol.  On Monday, she was painting her nails, and she was itching to try a Concrete, so I handed her a Nails Inc.  She oooohed and aaahed as it dried, and then asked where the crackles were?   Wincing, I pointed to a box "over there", and she picked my favourite crackle, Barry M Purple Rain.

As it dried, it looked AMAZEBALLS over the crackle.  This particular Barry M crackle has a dry and dusty finish, and it looked like parched desert.

So, let's switch lanes - my plan for today was to show you some of the lovely KIKO Sugar Mat texture polishes, and I had one left to swatch - 634, a slightly dusty pale pink - but when I put it on, I didn't like it massively.   My plan was to do a tape mani over it, but DUH of course the tape wouldn't stick to the texture (I so knew that even before I tried), so I sat back and wondered what to do .... and spotted the bottle of crackle.

I did a quick bit of splodging with the amazing KIKO 642 and 632 ... and then I crackled.   It looked a big ole clumpy mess .... and then it started drying.

I absolutely LOVE the finished effect, even if I am a little embarrassed to be wearing crackle again lol.  From a distance, it's looked a little like a purple leopard print, and up close, wow, it's dusty-burnt-ash-dessciated-lava.

Enjoy - and don't forget to check out what Emma,  Ashley and Kerrie  are up to :):) xx
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