Monday, 6 May 2013

Matte Week - Literary Lacquers Bionic Mmmm Detector and some Ants!

Hi Goddesses

It's time for another Theme Week with Emma,  Ashley and Kerrie and this week's theme is Matte, if for no other reason than Mmmmmatte Mmmmmay sounded funny :)

I have to say I am really guilty of not matting my manis enough.  I look at other blogs who do it more frequently, and gasp at how sometimes it's the perfect extra touch.  I think part of the reason is that I use the Essie matte polish and I am not a huge Essie fan (subconsciously maybe I just "can't" reach for the bottle lol), so I am really looking forward to getting my paws on the OPI version.

This mani is a total accident, and it really only came about because the base polish was so beautiful that I couldn't bear to take it off.  This is Literary Lacquers Bionic Mmmm Detector which you saw HERE, with some stamping over the top.

The stamping is this great ant design from MJ3.  I think they're ants rather than beetles - aren't they?    The character of an insect seemed to sit really well with the murkiness of the polish.

The matte coat, wow.  I loved BMD before, but you can't deny that the matte takes it to a whole other level.   Everything is magnified.  The teal becomes more alive, the shapes of the glitters are more defined.  Wow.  It just WORKS.

Enjoy xx :)
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