Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Matte Week - Matte Splatter with Dandy Nails Chilled Down

Hi Goddesses

Today's matte extravaganza has a LOT going on.  When I started doing it, it wasn't even intended for matte week, but it just evolved in the right direction lol.

Owning so many polishes, I tend to not have many lemmings these days, but this year I lost my heart to 2 Dandy Nails polishes (this one and Bound To Fall).  This is Chilled Down, and this is how it looks au naturel.

It's a lovely sandy polish.  This looks like captured beach to me - all golden tones with frozen particles of ocean.  Gorgeous.  And so warm.  I then matted it for fun, and decided the base looked a bit like old fashioned parchment.

And then I new I had to stamp over it. If it looked like paper, it had to be splattered on, no?  Ink blots, lol.   For 2 years I've been obsessed with splatter patterns, and I can't believe this is the first time I am doing it from a stamping plate.

I used this row of images from DRK-C so that I could vary the effect.  I stuck to mainly pastel tones (all Konad polishes), and quickly realised it needed a bit more punch, so added the red.  It still didn't look right, so I added the dark grey.  Annoyingly, Konad don't write their polish names on their bottles, but this one is a real winner.

And I really LOVE the finished effect.  I think this is my favourite stamping mani for a long time.  I also don't ever think I've ever stamped with more than 2 colours before.  Or done a matte stamping.  See!  That's what challenges and theme weeks are for - unchartered territory.

Enjoy xx :) and don't forget to check out what Emma,  Ashley and Kerrie  are up to :) 
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