Monday, 6 May 2013

piCture pOlish Monday - Vegas - Then and Now

Hi Goddesses

Today's piCture pOlish Monday is another Then and Now, this time featuring one of my very favourite polishes, the amazingly zingy Vegas.

I found this polish almost exactly a year ago, and it is solely responsible for kickstarting my orange obsession.  More, it gave me a lust for all polishes that hover on that red / orange border.  Why?  Well I've discovered (as someone who suffers from depression) that this particular shade makes me giddily happy, and so wearing this colour is almost like therapy :)  She's a good 'un.

Vegas is amazeballs.  She's dark molten orange, she dances with red, and she shimmers with golden fire.  She's like a phoenix or a dragon, and I adore her.

I also love how these shades are perfect for shorter nails.  I don't know about you, but the minute I have to cut my nails, I always head for a red or a reddy orange.

So what did Vegas look like a year ago?  Well, not too bad actually.  I can see my photography evolving, and whilst not "there" yet, it's definitely tolerable, and the post is quite funny too.  If you want a re-read, click HERE.

I've got one more piCture pOlish left for you next week, and then we're done.   Unless I buy some more, which I may have to, as they keep releasing amazing shades at a staggering rate of knots.

Enjoy xx :)
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