Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Other Stuff I Wore This Week - Elevation, Enchanted, HARE

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan – Enchanted Polish Tenderheart – HARE Polish Party Palace

Hi Goddesses

I have a new feature for you today.  It’s called The Other Stuff, and it features all the other manis I have worn during the week but not posted.  It is NOT a round up post, but hopefully, it’s a better way to show you everything that isn’t challenge or review-related.

For a long time my biggest blogging issue has been too much content and too many posts, so I’m hoping that by gathering these manis together each week I will have LESS content, and therefore more time to devote to the cool new features you’re about to see on the blog :)

I wore challenge manis for the first half of this week, and then cracked into some summery pink perfection mid-week.  First up we have Ave Secretan by Elevation Polish, an absolutely sensational cerise.

It’s actually less warm than the photos are showing – it’s an amazing super dark fuchsia, slightly cold.  Just amazing.  Fabulous pigmentation.

I then layered Enchanted Polish Tenderheart over it.  As you know, Enchanted Polishes are harder to find than rocking horse shit, but I finally managed to get this one and oh lalalalalalalala – ME LOVE!

This polish is soooo complex.  It’s a glitter syrup and it is amazing.   I’m not a huge fan of shaped glitter, but this one is beautiful.

I love the holographic diamonds, the hearts are tolerable but oh look look!  Look at that violet shimmer sitting on top.  Wow that’s gorgeous.  Holy sublimeness.  Just beyond gorgeous.

Finally, HARE Party Palace.  This was the one I wanted above all others from the most recent collection.  Super bright pink, LITTERED with white and red squares.  White and red squares!

Unfortunately, this shade of pink really didn’t suit my skin tone.  It was a little too blue for me, and that’s a shame, as the glitter mix is truly awesome.

Also, can you see that suspended shimmer?  True work of art.

So there you go – I hope you enjoyed your first instalment of The Other Stuff.  Previously this would have been 2 or 3 separate posts, so let me know which way you prefer it, and hopefully we’ll agree  xxx

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