Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - 2 Attempts at Day 2!

Hi Goddesses

I got off to quite the false start with this month’s Tri Polish Challenge, and today you get 2 versions of the same mani.   Basically, I used the wrong polishes, so had to start all over again.  Booooo!

Originally I picked Barry M Blood Orange, Butter London Smog and OPI Give Me The Moon!   As you’ll see, the gorgeous shimmery qualities of GMTM just don’t translate well into nail art, and it was a real struggle to see what I’d done with it.

So this is the first version, with the wishy washy looking grey and super large dots, which aren’t nearly perfect enough.  I still haven’t figured out how to do these properly.  I swooshed my largest dotting tool around a bit, but as you can see, the edges are very uneven.

I then added some smaller dots (but still large lol) inside, and joined the dots together with lines.  However, I used a dotting tool instead of a brush, and I didn’t like that it looked like more dots.

Siiiiigh, so back to the drawing board and a change of polishes.  Barry M kept his place but now we have KIKO 329 and 339, which are more opaque than the polishes they replaced.

I redid pretty much the same design, but decided not to supersize the dots – I think this was a wise decision!

I used my smallest nail art brush to connect the dots, and I don’t understand how I did that well on the blue base, but like a toddler on the red base!  Oh well, sometimes a mani is just not meant to be!

Enjoy xx :)

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