Saturday, 18 May 2013

Winner - April Blogger of the Month !!

Hi Goddesses

Erm .... how do I say this - sorry?  I just had too many blog posts to do, and this one takes HOURS to compile so I am so sorry this is delayed.  If it makes you feel better, it's all your fault lol.  There were 50 entrants this month, all of whom were AMAZING, and it takes time to sit, read and rank 50 blogs.

For this reason, there is no competition for May, but both Blogger and the Nail Art Competition will be back for June.

Ok, this is THE HARDEST MONTH EVER for picking a winner.   So, I am going to show you 5 amazing blogs, and then tell you who I picked.

First up we have a blog I am hearing a lot about at the moment - Sarah Lou Nails.  I LOVE the crazy colourfulness of this mani -

I also loved these - beautiful - 

Then we have Valiantly Varnished - I love how tasteful everything is on this blog.

Then we have Will Paint Nails for Food.  I've been aware of this blog for a few months, but Meghan suddenly seems to have broken through to the next level.  She's become a great swatcher, but also delivers cool nail art.

Next we have Nails at 2am which I think I have mentioned before - this is a blog just dripping with cool.

And finally a blog that is new to me - Brush Me Blush - this is insanely awesome!

Phew!  See what I mean?  How on earth do you choose from these 5 blogs, they are ALL awesome.  This is the biggest struggle I have ever had in trying to pick a winner.   I want to cop out and say that all 5 have won, but ....

Ok, my winner is ......  Brush Me Blush, very closely followed by Will Paint Nails for Food, whose level of output is relentless.  I know from experience how hard it is to try and deliver quantity AND quality.

So Ria, if you would like to get in touch on we can arrange your guest post, and Meghan, we can arrange one too if you're interested.

Wow - EPIC blogs ladies, EPIC xx
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